Purple Haze - San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California on May 24, 1969.

I have no idea how I missed this one, having heard most of the Berkeley recordings over and over on the orginal 'Hendrix in the West' and wrongly assuming this was one of the Berkeley Community Theatre recordings made on May 30, 1970.

Of course it is not: it was recorded at the San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California on May 24, 1969, along with the all too short version of 'Hey Babe'.

Check out the girl in Hey Babe; she is visible in this version of Purple Haze.

And talking about girls: would love to sit and listen to the girl tell how it was. 

The one at the front of the stage, who gets to see the teeth picking guitar work on the knees from a meter away, towards the end of the song.

Far out, as we used to say.

Movies: One to Re-Watch - The Long Good Friday Bob Hoskins.

One I watched and re-watched about 5 times when it first came out on video cassette.

Little did we know that both Helen Miram and Bob Hoskins would go on to become what they did. 

And I love that fact that Pierce Brosnan is billed at "1st Irishman"!

See the IMDb for all the details The Long Good Friday and  see the another late, great, this time flim critic's review, by Roger Ebert

Harold is as hard as a rock and he will crush you. He runs the London docks and he wants to put together the biggest real estate deal in Europe. He has Mafia money from America and the tacit cooperation of the London criminal organization. He's short, barrel-chested, with his thinning hair combed forward above a round face and teeth that always seem to be grinding. 

Tokwe-Mukorsi: Prelude to Kariba?

"We were attacked by the water,” says Marebe. “My family managed to leave before our entire home and farm went under water. Other people became trapped by the water and had to be rescued by helicopter. Now we are here at Chingwizi camp, which is 178km from our home."

Samuel Marebe, a 43-year-old farmer from the Nungirai village in the Chivi district, survived the flooding and now lives in the camp with his five children.

From the Daily Maverick's artcile dated 14 April, 2014: In photos: The aftermath of Zimbabwe’s Tokwe-Mukorsi dam disaster

(photo Daily Maverick)

The UK's Guardian published this article Potential collapse of Kariba dam tests disaster preparedness in Zimbabwe dated 13 April, 2014.

(In early March, 2014) the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) said 'the "situation at the Kariba dam wall is a cause for grave concern", and "all urgency is expected in order to avert any such catastrophe as dam failure". It acknowledged the need for major repairs."

The main rain events are or should be over for this year - time will tell what happens when The Rains come back...

(photo KR)

Movies - One to Watch: Under the Skin

'Scarlett Johansson as an extraterrestrial femme fatale cruising the streets of Glasgow in Jonathan Glazer’s cerebral sci-fi horror fantasy “Under the Skin” is an indelible personification of predatory allure.'

'...it is as if the voice of Samantha — the operating system Ms. Johansson voiced in “Her” — has taken human form. But instead of a seemingly empathetic cyberfriend, she turns out to be a heartless humanoid temptress from outer space.'

From the New York Times Review by Stephen Holden

A Much Darker Hitchhiker's Guide - Scarlett Johansson as a Deadly Alien in ‘Under the Skin’