Movies: One to Re-Watch - The Long Good Friday Bob Hoskins.

One I watched and re-watched about 5 times when it first came out on video cassette.

Little did we know that both Helen Miram and Bob Hoskins would go on to become what they did. 

And I love that fact that Pierce Brosnan is billed at "1st Irishman"!

See the IMDb for all the details The Long Good Friday and  see the another late, great, this time flim critic's review, by Roger Ebert

Harold is as hard as a rock and he will crush you. He runs the London docks and he wants to put together the biggest real estate deal in Europe. He has Mafia money from America and the tacit cooperation of the London criminal organization. He's short, barrel-chested, with his thinning hair combed forward above a round face and teeth that always seem to be grinding.