Movies: Ones to Watch - 'The Canyons', '2 Guns', 'Europa Report'.

Thought this week I would give some competing reviews, rather than stick to my favorite New York Times movie review site.

So it's interesting to note the effort and detail put into the two reviews by The New York Times writers, and flipped, throw away dismissal of them by Peter Travers in Rolling Stone Magazine.

As ever, the viewers will be the judges...

'The Canyons' review by Manohla Dargis in The New York Times wrties of a film (that) " a dispiriting, unpleasurable work punctuated with flashes of vitalizing vulgarity. It isn’t a good movie in terms of the conventional norms (acting for starters), but it also exhibits a crude integrity."

See: The Cellphone Gets Its Close-Up - ‘The Canyons’ Is an Erotic Thriller With Lindsay Lohan

Compare and contrast with ".. If the subtext of this misbegotten parade of lame shock tactics is the death of cinema, then The Canyons certainly knows how to nail the coffin shut. "

See: The Canyans review by Tarvers.