Movies: The Wolverine - Another one Not to Watch.

' Wolverine is worse than Spider-Man 3. It might actually be worse than X-Men: The Last Stand. It’s the kind of movie that’s so terrible that you find yourself genuinely curious as to which drugs the people responsible for this film were taking, and where you might be able to procure some. It’s so bad it comes through the other end and resolves into a sort of shell-shocked hilarity.'

Read this great critic by Rachel Edidin, writing in Wired Magazine

Looking Back at X-Men Origins: Wolverine — Yep, Still Terrible

Read to the review to the end - amazing...

' better moment to establish the tone of this movie than a six-year-old in Wolverine’s traditional berserker-rage pose, arms outstretched, claws out, yelling “NOOOOOOOOOO!” at the sky.'

Movies: Two to Watch - 'The Hunt' and 'Crystal Fairy'.

'An unspoken question addressed by the movie is why adults so readily believe the words of confused young children. The self-righteousness of those eager to believe the worst is as galling as it is believable. The movie suggests that the solidarity of the village’s condemnation is a measure of individual uncertainty. It’s a matter of finding safety in numbers.'

         ‘The Hunt,’ With Mads Mikkelsen, Charts a Town’s Hysteria.

'The movie is so deceptively easygoing that it feels semi-improvised by the actors... The seeming casualness is such that, at a certain point, you feel like a traveler on a real-life journey during which the tensions between Jamie and Crystal threaten to erupt into warfare.'

From The New York Times review also by Steven Holden.

         In ‘Crystal Fairy,’ Young U.S.Tourists Aim for the Mystical

One to watch: A Hijacking.

"...the Danish director Tobias Lindholm turns tedium and frustration into agonizing suspense. Unfolding over a span of weary, stressful months, its action mainly confined to the below-deck parts of a cargo ship and a suite of sterile corporate offices in Denmark, the film is at once a probing psychological case study and a ripped-from-the-headlines exploration of modern sea piracy."

From the New York Times review by O A Scott 

For Headquarters and Pirates, a Test of Wills and Wits