Purple Haze - San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California on May 24, 1969.

I have no idea how I missed this one, having heard most of the Berkeley recordings over and over on the orginal 'Hendrix in the West' and wrongly assuming this was one of the Berkeley Community Theatre recordings made on May 30, 1970.

Of course it is not: it was recorded at the San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California on May 24, 1969, along with the all too short version of 'Hey Babe'.

Check out the girl in Hey Babe; she is visible in this version of Purple Haze.

And talking about girls: would love to sit and listen to the girl tell how it was. 

The one at the front of the stage, who gets to see the teeth picking guitar work on the knees from a meter away, towards the end of the song.

Far out, as we used to say.

Dire in the Drive.

They sang and jived in the ice rink in the city by the lake. We watched and lived the songs of old London town where the Calvinists used to reign.

She said how much they moved to the rhythm of the night, and La Bise blew down from the mountains that reflected streets and cars of the city by the lake.

He drove down the Les Quays and watched the waters flow into the river that swept past, out of the machine and into the night.

Which way does she go, that dancer in the crowd. Which way did he leave, that writer’s child sitting by the lake, and living in the room.

In the hotel where the bridge can be seen.