Tokwe-Mukorsi: Prelude to Kariba?

"We were attacked by the water,” says Marebe. “My family managed to leave before our entire home and farm went under water. Other people became trapped by the water and had to be rescued by helicopter. Now we are here at Chingwizi camp, which is 178km from our home."

Samuel Marebe, a 43-year-old farmer from the Nungirai village in the Chivi district, survived the flooding and now lives in the camp with his five children.

From the Daily Maverick's artcile dated 14 April, 2014: In photos: The aftermath of Zimbabwe’s Tokwe-Mukorsi dam disaster

(photo Daily Maverick)

The UK's Guardian published this article Potential collapse of Kariba dam tests disaster preparedness in Zimbabwe dated 13 April, 2014.

(In early March, 2014) the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) said 'the "situation at the Kariba dam wall is a cause for grave concern", and "all urgency is expected in order to avert any such catastrophe as dam failure". It acknowledged the need for major repairs."

The main rain events are or should be over for this year - time will tell what happens when The Rains come back...

(photo KR)

IMF Zimbabwe Statement.

"Achieving Zimbabwe's fuller growth potential over the medium term depends on pursuing strong macroeconomic policies, including by building up fiscal and external buffers and increasing budgetary resources going to non-personnel related spending, and implementing structural reforms to foster investment, improve the business climate, and strengthen governance and institutions, including by increasing the transparency of the minerals regime."

From the Statement At the Conclusion of an IMF Mission On Zimbabwe

Press Release No. 14/135 (dated) March 27, 2014

(Italics and emphasis are the authors)

Zimbabwe - The Empty Black Box.

"Patrick Chinamasa yesterday presented a US$4,1 billion budget which offers the country no hope as no serious measures were proposed to spark a sustainable resurgence in the economy already sliding back in the aftermath of disputed general elections in July which gobbled US$175,5 million."

Chinamasa budget offers no hope, no rescue

From the Zimbabwean Independent, dated 20 December, 2013

The little black (Christmas) box...

Opps! Merry Christmas boys!

Zimbabwe: Baba Jukwa World Press Updates (2)

"The well-informed mole, who calls himself “Baba Jukwa” and appears to be operating from within the heart of the regime, began posting revelations on a Facebook page four months ago.

The page has been viewed more than a million times and he has amassed more than 239,000 followers, with hundreds of responses and shares to every update. Efforts to track down the mole have so far failed. His postings have accused government ministers of corruption and senior police chiefs of brutality, publishing their private mobile phone numbers."

From the (UK) Telegraph.

See: Mugabe hunts for internet mole 'Baba Jukwa' revealing his secrets

Uncle Bob, the Mole Hunter.


"Zimbabweans who are fans of Baba Jukwa’s page now say they have unfettered access to what they have always wanted to know but never dared ask for fear of being arrested. Under the nation’s sweeping security laws, it is an offence to undermine the authority of the president and national security operatives."

From Voices of Africa

See: Baba Jukwa, ‘Zimbabwe’s own Julian Assange’

Remind him to stay away from Ecuadorians...

Zimbabwe: Baba Jukwa Article Published in Las Vegas Sun by Associated Press

An article has been syndicated by Associated Press, which, as far as this blogger can tell, was originally published by Nehanda Radio.

Original Nehanda story:

Baba Jukwa dishes out dirt

With the Las Vegas Sun story:

Zimbabwe ‘mole’ blogger dishes out dirt on gov’t

Both articles report "Zimbabwe has an estimated 12 million mobile subscribers with 60 percent estimated to have direct access to the Internet through their cell phones, according to commercial company reports from the three main mobile networks."

Reader here will recall my earlier blog post entitled "Zimbabawe: Damn Lies and Social Statistics", which essentially put smart phone usage around 2 to 3 million users.

If we now read deeper into the Baba Jukwa dishes out dirt article, it would also seem that these smart phone users are texting their no-smart phone brethren with the Baba Jukwa Facebook updates, thus greatly increasing coverage.

Zimbabwe: Baba Jukwa Hits the Big Time.

First mentioned in this blog 12 days ago on 17 June, 2013 under the heading WikiLeaks and Zimbabwe - Baba Jukwa, Baba Kukwa has finally hit the big time with the publication of The Economist story linked to in this current post.

Claiming to be a disgruntled insider from President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party, the gossipy Facebook page belonging to this mysterious character, whose name echoes that of a spirit medium, has drawn more than 185,000 “likes” in just three months, with hundreds of responses to every post.

From The Economist dated 29 June, 2013

The spirit of wrath is upon us -A mysterious Facebook character is predicting murder and mayhem

Interestingly, a Google image search, whilst finding the Avator shown in the above article, also finds the bus image below

However, the web page on the side of the bus - - is a password protected site.
Spirits indeed.