Movies: One to Re-Watch - The Long Good Friday Bob Hoskins.

One I watched and re-watched about 5 times when it first came out on video cassette.

Little did we know that both Helen Miram and Bob Hoskins would go on to become what they did. 

And I love that fact that Pierce Brosnan is billed at "1st Irishman"!

See the IMDb for all the details The Long Good Friday and  see the another late, great, this time flim critic's review, by Roger Ebert

Harold is as hard as a rock and he will crush you. He runs the London docks and he wants to put together the biggest real estate deal in Europe. He has Mafia money from America and the tacit cooperation of the London criminal organization. He's short, barrel-chested, with his thinning hair combed forward above a round face and teeth that always seem to be grinding. 

Movies - One to Watch: Under the Skin

'Scarlett Johansson as an extraterrestrial femme fatale cruising the streets of Glasgow in Jonathan Glazer’s cerebral sci-fi horror fantasy “Under the Skin” is an indelible personification of predatory allure.'

' is as if the voice of Samantha — the operating system Ms. Johansson voiced in “Her” — has taken human form. But instead of a seemingly empathetic cyberfriend, she turns out to be a heartless humanoid temptress from outer space.'

From the New York Times Review by Stephen Holden

A Much Darker Hitchhiker's Guide - Scarlett Johansson as a Deadly Alien in ‘Under the Skin’

Movies: More Hunger Less Games - Divergent

'Women warriors are on the rise again in American movies, and so, too, are hopes that they’ll be able to strike where it counts: in the industry’s executive suites.

Some of this faith can be traced, irrationally or exuberantly, to “The Hunger Games.”'

'There is a crucial difference: While Katniss Everdeen doesn’t make much room for romance in “The Hunger Games” (she has a revolution to lead), Tris Prior spends a whole lot of time wondering why her instructor pays attention to her.'

From the New York Times review:

This Dystopia Has Some Smooches. In 'Divergent,' Jolted Awake by Fear and Romance

by Mahohla Dargis


A Reason to watch?

One to Watch: Just a Sigh "Le temps de l'aventure".

"Alix lives sloppily. She leaves her cellphone charger in Calais; her credit cards don’t work for lack of funds; and she carries almost no cash. On the train from Calais to Paris for an audition, she makes eye contact with an older, English-speaking stranger (Gabriel Byrne), whose name, Douglas, isn’t revealed until the end of the film. "

From the New York Times review by Stephen Holden

Movies: Ones to Watch - 'The Canyons', '2 Guns', 'Europa Report'.

Thought this week I would give some competing reviews, rather than stick to my favorite New York Times movie review site.

So it's interesting to note the effort and detail put into the two reviews by The New York Times writers, and flipped, throw away dismissal of them by Peter Travers in Rolling Stone Magazine.

As ever, the viewers will be the judges...

'The Canyons' review by Manohla Dargis in The New York Times wrties of a film (that) " a dispiriting, unpleasurable work punctuated with flashes of vitalizing vulgarity. It isn’t a good movie in terms of the conventional norms (acting for starters), but it also exhibits a crude integrity."

See: The Cellphone Gets Its Close-Up - ‘The Canyons’ Is an Erotic Thriller With Lindsay Lohan

Compare and contrast with ".. If the subtext of this misbegotten parade of lame shock tactics is the death of cinema, then The Canyons certainly knows how to nail the coffin shut. "

See: The Canyans review by Tarvers.