Zimbabwe: Whilst Fools Think.

Latest from Baba Jukwa's Facebook page, reproduced below with (bad) translation(s), and some light editing;

Bolding is my own...

"Whilst fools in my party are thinking that President Mugabe is campaigning for the party, some of us know that he has embarked on a mission yekuonekana navanhu. (departing and people)

He carefully planned his rallies and limited them to 10 so as to evenly distribute them to 10 Provinces, where all agree that he is appearing frail and dying. 

His mission ndeyo kubhaibhisa vanhu (creaky, flapping and people) when stupid skunks think he is campaigning. 

He has told us his confidantes that he wants to rest for the few years still remaining in his life, if the prostate cancer doesn't take his life by the end of the year as warned by his Malaysian and Singaporean doctors. 

The man is just going to have 10 rallies and go into hibernation thereafter announce his acceptance of the people's verdict and thank the people of Zimbabwe for the time he served and go straight to retirement. 

This is what will happen whilst blood thirsty idiots like Emmerson Mnangagwa and Saviour Kasukuwere thinks that they will still have time to be saved. 

In our millions in the coming 11 days we shall heed the call of President Mugabe by voting him into retirement."

Zimbabwe: Baba Jukwa Article Published in Las Vegas Sun by Associated Press

An article has been syndicated by Associated Press, which, as far as this blogger can tell, was originally published by Nehanda Radio.

Original Nehanda story:

Baba Jukwa dishes out dirt

With the Las Vegas Sun story:

Zimbabwe ‘mole’ blogger dishes out dirt on gov’t

Both articles report "Zimbabwe has an estimated 12 million mobile subscribers with 60 percent estimated to have direct access to the Internet through their cell phones, according to commercial company reports from the three main mobile networks."

Reader here will recall my earlier blog post entitled "Zimbabawe: Damn Lies and Social Statistics", which essentially put smart phone usage around 2 to 3 million users.

If we now read deeper into the Baba Jukwa dishes out dirt article, it would also seem that these smart phone users are texting their no-smart phone brethren with the Baba Jukwa Facebook updates, thus greatly increasing coverage.

Zimbabwe: Baba Jukwa Hits the Big Time.

First mentioned in this blog 12 days ago on 17 June, 2013 under the heading WikiLeaks and Zimbabwe - Baba Jukwa, Baba Kukwa has finally hit the big time with the publication of The Economist story linked to in this current post.

Claiming to be a disgruntled insider from President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party, the gossipy Facebook page belonging to this mysterious character, whose name echoes that of a spirit medium, has drawn more than 185,000 “likes” in just three months, with hundreds of responses to every post.

From The Economist dated 29 June, 2013

The spirit of wrath is upon us -A mysterious Facebook character is predicting murder and mayhem

Interestingly, a Google image search, whilst finding the Avator shown in the above article, also finds the bus image below

However, the web page on the side of the bus - http://www.babajukwa.net/ - is a password protected site.
Spirits indeed.